Some of the services we offer include:

Box Covers

We carry box covers for all sizes of truck boxes in a variety of styles and materials.

LED Light Bars

We stock and install LED Light bars. Roof mount, grill mount, wherever you need.

Bug Deflectors

We stock and install bug deflectors and side window deflectors for your ride.

Push Bars and Brush Guards

Add style and functionality with a push bar from California Creations.

Headache Racks

Keep your cargo in the box and not in the cab with a headache rack.

Tool Boxes

We stock and install a wide variety tool boxes for you specific needs.

California Creations Remote Starters

Astrostart Remote Starters, Installation and Repair

Let’s be honest, most people think that remote starters should be standard equipment on vehicles. The vehicle makers don’t agree, but we are on board. Call us and we can install the best remote for your vehicle and your budget.
California Creations Hitches

Hitches, Including Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel

Sometimes you can’t fit it inside the vehicle. You need to tow it, which means you need a hitch. You are in luck! California Creations Sells and installs a great selection of hitches. Bumper hitches, goose neck, and fifth wheel.
California Creations Air Bags & Cab Controllers

Air Bags and Cab Controllers

California Creations Sells and installs Air Bags and Cab Controllers. Air Bags can greatly improve your ride when your truck is hauling or towing a heavy load. Adding an onboard air compressor and cab controller is icing on the cake.
California Creations Wiring

Wiring, Including Brake Controls, Trailer Plugs, Lights, and Much More

Wiring looks simple enough. But requires a certain skill set to be installed correctly. Our staff has that skill set and can make sure your wiring is done right. Feel confident that your trailer brakes are working, and signal lights are blinking.
California Creations Diesel Performance

Diesel Performance (DPF Delete, and Tuners)

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter. These filters collect soot and other particulates from the exhaust. A DPF delete removes a vehicle’s DPF and reconfigures the computer system to function without it. This increases horsepower and fuel economy.
California Creations Cruise Controls

Cruise Controls

Cruise control allows the driver to set the vehicle speed without having to depress the accelerator. We can repair faulty cruise control systems or install new ones. Cruise control is ideal for maintaining the desired speed and reducing driver fatigue.
California Creations Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Mud flaps help to prevent mud and rocks from becoming airborne. Mud and rocks that chip paint and crack windshields. So, be a leader and have California Creations install your mud flaps today.
California Creations Box Covers

Box Covers

Also known as tonneau covers, box covers provide a top for the box area of a truck. They come in a variety of materials and styles. They can be solid ABS/plastic, rollable vinyl, or aluminum. Some take no space when closed, others do not compact at all.
California Creations Running Boards

Side Bars, Running Boards

Side bars, running boards, steps or nerf bars. California Creations has an excellent selection to choose from. Bring your ride by and let’s see what works for you. If we don’t have something in stock, we can special order whatever you need.

California Creations LED Lightbars

LED Lightbars

Need some serious visibility enhancement? LED lightbars are the way to go. Great for the hardcore off-roader or souped-up city slicker. Roof mount, grill, or bumper mount. We can help you light up the night. We do installations too.
California Creations Box Rails

Box Rails

Box rails or bed rails are accessories used to enhance securing options for cargo. They are available for all box sizes. They attach with brackets using the stake pockets of the sidewalls. Available in lots of different styles and finishes.
California Creations Bug Deflectors

Bug Deflectors

You have probably heard the comment, “I bet he won’t have the guts to do that again.” Bugs can leave quite a mess on your windshield. Bug deflectors direct airflow above the vehicle’s roof. This redirects the flight path of most bugs and small debris.
California Creations Push Bars

Push Bars, Brush Guards

There are times when need something more substantial than your factory front bumper. Push bars, bull bars, or brush guards might fit the bill. If you like pushing limits or just protecting your investment. Come in and see what we have to offer.
California Creations Stainless Accessories

Stainless Accessories

If you like bright, shiny, and corrosion resistant, you like stainless steel. Rocker panels, pillar posts, grills, and window trim. The list goes on and on. California Creations carries a wide variety of stainless steel accessories for your ride.
California Creations Air Intakes

Air Intakes

High-performance air intake systems can enhance the power of your engine. They can also up the mean look factor. We carry the best air intake systems from manufacturers like K & N. Drop-in to speak with our staff about air intakes for your vehicle.

California Creations Exhaust


Internal combustion engines produce exhaust. Exhaust systems remove it from the engine and disperse it into the air. Not all exhaust systems are the same. Some remove the exhaust more efficiently and add a touch of class to the vehicle. We can help.
California Creations Suspension Lifts

Suspension Lifts, Leveling Kits, and Lowering Kits

Sometimes you are on a high, sometimes a low. Sometimes your vehicle needs the same. We can install automatic systems. They control the height and ride that the suspension provides. Lower profile, better gas mileage, higher, better clearance.
California Creations Headache Racks

Headache Racks, Rails

Headache racks prevent cargo from entering the truck cab through the rear window. They can literally prevent headaches. California Creations carries a huge selection. We can match your budget and your requirements.

California Creations Tool Boxes

Tool Boxes

Most regard their truck as a tool. Sometimes you need more than a truck to get the job done. We carry a great selection of tool boxes to help you get the job done. From plastic to stainless steel checker plate. Keep your tools safe, secure, and with you.